Our Board Members

(All of our board members must qualify as a biblical elder as listed in 1 Timothy 3 of the New Testament)

Chairperson: Mr. Jim LeGault. Jim is a retired Accountant with Shell Oil Company, Houston, TX.  Jim serves at Cedar Creek Bible Church in Texas.  Jim has an MA in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary and holds the staff position of USA Director of CrossLife.

Board Executive Director:  Dr. John Jones.   John serves as the Director of Mobilization Ministries and International Director of CrossLife.  He and his wife attend The Journey Church (EFCA) in Tucson, AZ. For more about John and Jenny, check out our staff page.

Treasurer: Dr. Stanley Chow.  Stanley is a retired Associate Pastor of Austin Chinese Church, Austin, TX.  He is a graduate (PhD in Chemistry) from Rice University in Houston, TX and also holds a MA in Biblical Studies from Dallas Seminary.  He is a retired Executive from Exxon-Mobil Corp.  Stanley has served as Chairman of the board of Chinese Baptist Church of Houston, TX.

Board Member: Mr. Atilla Vekony.  Atilla is the Vice President of Publishing and Advertising at Wheatmark, a publishing company in Tucson, AZ.  Atilla is our newest member of the board, joining in March of 2014.  Mr. Vekony attends Catalina Foothills Church where he has served as a deacon.  He is a former chairman of the Pusch Ridge Christian Academy school board.  Mr. Vekony holds an MA in History from the University of Arizona.  Being a native of Hungary, Mr. Vekony brings an international perspective to the board as well as an understanding of USA church planting.  His home church has planted a number of churches in Tucson.  He and his wife have 5 children.

Board Member: Mr. Dan Wilson.  Dan lives in the far north area of Tucson and is retired from working in management in the aluminum manufacturing industry in California.  Dan was a leader in one of CrossLife’s proposed church plants in 2008.  He is married to Joyce.  They both have raised over 30 foster kids.  He also leads a vibrant prison ministry in Pima County.  He and Joyce attend NorthWest Bible church in Oro Valley, AZ.