Our Vision and Strategy

Our Vision is to mobilize the national church to plant churches among this world’s unreached.

Our Mission Strategy Overseas:

We mobilize churches in Asia’s 10/40 window by strengthening them to carry out Christ’s Great Commission, by enlarging their vision & partnering with them to plant churches among Asia’s unreached people groups & finally by mobilizing churches in the West to partner with us both prayerfully and financially to achieve these goals.

We promote new churches in Asia’s 10/40 Window in three ways:

  • Preparation: We provide training assistance to indigenous churches, church organizations and seminaries so these nationals can be equipped to serve the unreached.
  • People: We provide guidance to churches how their church planting leaders & members can be tentmakers to provide for themselves (rather than be dependent on foreign funding).
  • Projects: We occasionally help in very small ways to assist a church planter in carrying out his mission task. These may include ministry materials or supplemental help in a biblical training program.