Living by Faith amidst Life’s Challenges

April 19, 2021

When Joshua led the Israelites across the river Jordan, the priests had to place their feet in the water for it to create a dry path (Joshua 3). This is the “step of faith” we humans have to do when commanded by God to act.  He commands, but we “must do”.  Yet this “doing” at times seems impossible!  Just like the raging Jordan river, it seems counterintuitive to obey amidst such insurmountable odds.  Yet that is exactly what God called the Israelites to do many times in their wilderness journey, including the crossing of the Red Sea!  Think of Abraham in God’s call of him to sacrifice Isaac on the altar.   He obeyed God, knowing God would have to raise Isaac from the dead.  For God did promise it was through Isaac his seed would continue.  Abraham told his son with conviction of God’s ultimate provision.  Of course, in the ram God did provide (Gen.22). In obeying God’s Word, what are the seemingly insurmountable odds facing you today?  Can you, like the Israelite priests of old or Abraham, step out in faith in obedience, no matter the frightening path before you?  Obedience is never easy, but it is the best path to finding God’s internal peace.  It is not always the safest path (sometimes God allows His people to suffer severely in this life); but it is always the richest path eternally.  Like Paul told us, we look not at the earthly things seen, but the eternal unseen (II Corinthians 4:18).  John reminds us in Revelation of Christ’s coming and of His reward towards those who have been faithful to His Word and work (Rev. 22:12).   May we all be found so at His coming!