Our Director

Staff: Dr. John Jones: International Director of Mobilization Ministries.  He has been serving in missions since 1980 when he began reaching out to Bengali students on a major college campus.   Here are the highlights of John’s academic and mission background:


John graduated from the Univ. of Texas at Austin with a B.S. degree.  As a volunteer for the Navigator campus ministry, John developed a passion for missions early on.  His minor at UT was Middle Eastern studies.  Here he began developing a love for other cultures.

John went on to study at Dallas Theological Seminary where he obtained a Master of Theology, majoring in New Testament and early Greek literature.   In addition to this, he took as many courses as he could in the Missions department.

John graduated in June of 2013 with a Doctor of Ministry degree from Golden Gate Baptist Seminary.  His doctoral project related to equipping national believers in the 10/40 Window to have biblically healthier marriages.

Missions Experience:

John has had a broad range of experiences on the mission field.  From ministry to the Chinese (18 plus years) to outreach among Bengali Muslims or to developing national leadership, John has been on the move in missions his entire life.  In addition to this, he has had significant experience church planting in the USA (9 years). John travels extensively throughout the 10/40 Window.


Leitourgia: Christian Service, Collected Essays: A Festschrift for Joykutty M. George (contributed a chapter on elders in the church.)

John’s Family:

John has been married for 41 years to Jenny Killian of San Antonio (Alamo Heights), TX.  John has 3 children and 8 grandchildren.

The North American Ministry of CrossLife

We target unreached areas of America as well. For the past 5 years, we coordinated with the Texas/Oklahoma branch of the Evangelical Free church to plant a multi-ethnic church in San Antonio. For 2021 we are partnering with the Catalina Baptist Association of Tucson, Arizona to boost Spanish church planting in both Tucson and Southern Arizona.