Restricted Country Work

Church Planting: Support a Church Plant among an Unreached People Group  

We work in the 10/40 Window from where we target unreached people groups. We currently support numerous works throughout the region among UPG’s and have a track record of success in church planting.  Normally, church planting in this region is not instantaneous.  It takes hard work and patience.  This is contrary to many “fake mission” stories published in the West.  In one country we have seen a whole village turn to Christ.  We had to recently expand the local church constructed there.  However this is not the norm in other countries.  Normally, we see a small house group of 20 to 40 people emerge in a village after many months of prayer and labor. Oftentimes, our work is amidst regular opposition from both the local authorities and villagers.  Trust takes time to develop.  In addition to the actual church plant, we also do some social projects to demonstrate to the authorities we care about the people.  In one country we built water wells.  This proved to be a breakthrough as we won hearts and minds in the very area we were planting a church.

Church Leadership Training:  Support a Training project among UPG Leaders

We regularly are involved in training UPG leaders in the region.  This involves both formal seminary programs as well as informal training in church settings.  It is our strong conviction that by training Asian leaders we can more effectively mobilize both their churches and their people to target UPG’s in their own immediate region.  Learning a new language and culture takes years for a Westerner.  This can often be done in one year by a national who shares a close affinity with the UPG being targeted.  In addition, he or she can blend in much better with the targeted UPG group, often speaking a dialect in the same language “family” and sharing many of the same cultural characteristics.