Asia: The Heart of the World

September 27, 2015
The heart of Asia is people, lots of them.  When Jenny and I hop on the subway or bus, we see crowds.  When we walk on the street, it is just like Superbowl game is over and the fans are headed to the parking lot.  In fact, it is so crowded that Jenny and I noticed how the city of Hong Kong handles crowds. They keep them moving.  How?  There is nowhere to sit down.  You will be hard pressed to ever find a bench on a street, in the subway station, in malls, on sidewalks or anywhere!  Apart from very few seats in parks, there is nowhere to sit down.  The city officials want people to keep moving… lingering!   Well, when I travel in Asia, I see the same thing.  I see lots of people, always on the move, working, eating and texting on their phones.  Most are expressionless.  When you don’t have God, why smile?  There is a great need over here to mobilize the churches of Asia to reach the unreached. The need is of such magnitude that it is hard to wrap our mind around it all.  However below, I gave it a whirl.  Take a few moments to read the numbers and reflect.   Asia literally is the heart of the world.  Jesus told us to go and make disciples throughout this world (Matt. 28:18-20).   Pray for Jenny and I as we seek to challenge His people to reach out for God’s glory right here in Asia.

Cambodia: 15 Million

Laos: 7 Million

Vietnam: 90 Million

Thailand: 67 Million

Malaysia:  29.75 Million

Myanmar: 53 Million

Singapore: 5.3 Million

Indo-China total population: 267 Million

Add Indonesia (250 Million) and it far exceeds the USA population:  517 Million

Add Philippines at 100 million and you get to: 617 Million (almost double US population)

Add Taiwan (23.2 M.), Japan (126.8) and South Korea (49.115 M.): 816 Million

Mongolia: 2 million, 900 thousand

Add China & Mongolia (1,361,512,576) and you get: 2 Billion, 179 million Oriental Asians in the region

Add Nepal (28,811 M.)  and Bhutan (768 thousand) (assuming China includes Tibet in its pop.)= 29,579000 plus 2 Billion 179million=   2 Billion, 208 Million Oriental Asians………this excludes the Indian Subcontinent

India: 1 billion 267 Million

Pakistan: 185 Mllion

Bangladesh: 158 Mllion

Sri Lanka: 20 Million 359 thousand

Now the Oriental population combined with the Indian subcontinent (excluding The Middle East, Afghanastan and Iran)=  3 Billion, 838 Million Orientals and Indians

Note: Just the overflow in millions in this world’s region  (838 Million people) is over 2 ½ times that of the total United States population.  That still leaves 3 Billion “on the table”!