Be Watchful!

September 15, 2016

Hi from Thailand. Recently, I have been going through II Peter with a pastoral friend via Skype. He and I both noticed the contrast between “life and godliness” and access to His “Divine Nature” in chapter one (for believers) to that of the “corruption through worldly lusts” of the false teachers’ lives, along with their followers, in chapter two. It is wonderful as believers to have the privilege of displaying His Divine nature to the lost around us. Yet it is also sad when believers fall prey to the false teachers who display the exact opposite.

Here in Asia, there is a story of a devoted servant of Christ, who came with the good intentions of reaching Buddhists for Christ. Yet after years of toil, fell prey to their false ideas. Now instead of spreading the truth, he doubts God’s Word and the truth of justification found only in Christ as Savior.

We must be on our guard! The devil loves to destroy believers’ lives through false doctrines! Let us be mindful and watchful, not arrogant. Let us be dependent upon Him moment by moment. In short, as Peter said, “The end of all things is at hand, therefore be sober and watchful in prayer.” (I Peter 4:7).

Until next week……!