Ignoring USA Muslims to Our Peril!

May 13, 2013

After the Boston bombing, while there are surely lessons to be learned politically regarding Muslim immigration to the USA, there is surely a religious lesson for the American church.  It is this:  We had better wake up and aggressively evangelize young Muslims not just globally but also in our own country.  We ignore them to our peril!  It is the tendency for most American believers to ignore the Muslim enclaves in our burgeoning cities.  In other words, our motto has often been “Just live and let live”!  Simply put, let them live in their own separate ethnic communities and practice their own religion!  You cannot change these people!  They are way too stubborn! Furthermore, we don’t know Arabic or understand Islam.  To witness to them in a contextually appropriate manner, while making the biblical gospel clear, involves manpower we don’t possess.  Just let those people alone!  After all, when you stir them up, all they do is give us trouble anyway!  We don’t need that!

Well, this “live and let live” strategy is not working!  I wonder how many believers in Jesus actually took the time to befriend and witness to these two Chechnya young people.  It may not have made any difference in regards to their demonic terror acts. Yet it possibly could have.  Now we will never know!  I have read lots of stories about their families.  However not one thing I have read suggests any true believer took the time to get to know them and witness to them.    In the past, we could ignore Muslims since the terror was always “over there”.  But now the game as changed!  We are now like Tel Aviv, Bombay, London or Kabul!!  The spiritual battle (manifested physically) has reached our own shores!  This is an evangelical site. I won’t get into the political solutions here. That is not my role.   I speak as an evangelical missionary.  What can we do biblically and what should we do as Christian mission organizations to face our own country’s problems regarding these people?

In short, here is my Big IdeaWe have got to cross cultures here in the USA and reach out to them for Christ.  Not all will believe, but some will.  We have got to plant culturally sensitive “house churches” amidst their Muslim communities and engage them biblically.  How can we do this?  We don’t even know where to start??? The immediate answer is to recruit manpower from the returning missionaries who have served in the Middle East.  If you are looking for a person to support in Houston, I know of a returning short term missionary you can sponsor right now in that city.  Just email me for more information about him.  Another answer is to recruit and support Middle Eastern evangelical nationals willing to live here in the USA and reach their own people.

At CrossLifeProjects that is happening now!  One of our partnering churches, Serenity Baptist Church in Tucson, is attempting to sponsor a one year “religious worker’s visa” for a young lady from Amman, Jordan.  She is a trained Campus Crusade worker, having worked on college staff at the University of Amman.  She has come to Tucson and wants to reach out to the 10 Thousand Arabs in Tucson and to the 1,400 Arab Muslim students at the University of Arizona.  She is raising support and needs 1,000 + dollars (at least) per month.   Will you consider supporting her If you will, just go to our donate page and follow the instructions on how to give.  Please put on a separate note you want to give to this project.   Thank you for your prayers!  It is time for action!

Yet what can YOU DO NOW?  In closing, do you live near a Muslim in your own town or have a Muslim colleague at work?  Get to know them and reach out to them!  Remember, you don’t have to be an expert on Islam.  Just love these people and share the gospel with them.  Stick with His cruxifiction and resurrection story.  Remember, “faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God (Romans 10:17).”  Love and the gospel is a powerful combination! More than likely, they have never met an authentic believer nor had the gospel clearly explained to them.  YOU BE THE ONE!