2014 Challenges

December 28, 2013

As we face the New Year of 2014, it is inevitable we will face difficulties and many hardships in life.  Job reminds us that man is “born for trouble as sparks fly upward.” (Job 5:7)  Take one good look at any major saint in the Scriptures and you will discover this person had trauma and difficulties to face.  Let’s just mention one person: Joseph.   He experienced hatred from his own brothers, the obliteration of his personal identity, slavery in a foreign land and imprisonment stemming from a false rape charge.  Whew! For many of us, this would simply do us in! But not Joseph.  Eventually he was reunited with his brothers only after working through lots of emotional pain.  Even though he was exalted later by Pharoah, through a life of pain he learned mercy, forgiveness and selfless love.

We know for sure 2014 has moments of pain and trials ahead for us all.  That is just a part of living in a fallen world.  We are not in heaven yet! The key is to learn from them to make us better people.  Like James exhorts us to do, we are to depend on God in faith and beseech His wisdom through our difficulties (James 1:3ff).  As we seek His heavenly counsel, God will take us through each trial and mature us in the very eternal quality He sees we need.   Let us like unveiled faces behold His glory as His Spirit liberates us from the worst of ourselves in 2014 (II Cor. 3:17,18)!