Spiritual Riches

November 4, 2013

For the past week Jenny and I have been in this great country ministering to His church here. What has impressed me is the keen spiritual interest among young people for truth. For example, in the hotel where we are staying, we have had several young people (from different religious backgrounds) listen intently to our explanation of the gospel of Christ. They know there is no hope in the endless cycle of “birth and rebirth”. Several, in my view, are on the verge of trusting Christ.

In addition, the church here has a spiritual fervor to it. Yes, most of the people are less wealthy. However, they have the riches of Christ. In my speaking here, I have been sharing about the great inheritance we have in the future awaiting us. If we sacrifice now, we will be amply rewarded later (“If we suffer with Him, we will reign with Him” IITim. 2). Believers here have been through the fire of suffering in their short Christian history.

I do think it takes the “work of faith” (James 2) for us as believers in the West to maintain our spiritual fervor. Materialism and despair (over our difficulties in life) can weigh us down. It takes spiritual initiative for us to keep our eyes on Him (Heb. 12:1ff). It takes the work of faith to put away that same old sin pattern that pushes us off the path of His fellowship.

So keep going and share your faith! God is with you!