Increasing Darkness and His Return

September 9, 2013

Recently I was reading in Genesis about God’s judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah (Ex. 18:16-19:29).  What struck me again was the brazen boldness of the wickedness of the inhabitants there.  In the news here there are lots of stories of rape against women, including young girls.  In fact just a few days ago a “godman” was arrested in his own Ashram for raping a young girl.  Her parents were devotees and even waiting in the adjacent room as the girl was being interviewed by the “godman” for service there.  It is said every 20 minutes a girl or woman is raped here. In fact the culprits of these activities are getting bolder.  Just a few days ago a group of men raped a policewoman as she was burying the ashes of her relative in a rural area!  I could go on and on with such stories, but I think you get the picture.  My friends, such brazen wickedness is happening all over the world, not just here in South Asia.  In fact, in the West, sports figures and famous people who “come out” of the closet in their “same sex” identity are considered both “noble” and “courageous”!

My friends, in this twisted world of morality and ethics, I firmly believe God’s judgment on this world is getting more and more ripe each day (cf. Gen.15:16).  Just as He waited patiently for the wickedness of the Amorites to be complete, he is waiting for the wickedness of “this last age” to reach its full ripeness before His return (I Thess. 5:1ff; II Pet. 3;  Rev. 19).

What are we to do during such times?  We are to live a godly life and not allow its “wicked scent” to rub off on us (unlike Lot and his daughters!).  We are also to be aggressive in getting the gospel to the lost, particularly among the unreached people groups still in darkness in Asia…………with no reproducing church among them to reach their people.  For you, reach the people around you in the USA……….for many are still blind to the truth of Christ!  Many Christians are sleeping spiritually, ignorant of what is coming upon this world!  Let us not be counted among them!