Chicken Coop as Church

August 17, 2013

Recently I visited a small city where I spoke to around 30 village pastors.  It was a great opportunity to see men serving God in the “rough villages” often at times antagonistic towards the gospel of Christ.  One could tell these men were men of prayer who depended on God for both reaching the lost and for their own needs as well.  None of them were wearing the latest fashion clothes.   All of their teeth needed some dental work.  The pastor who arranged the training held the meeting in his own church.  His church consisted of a “chicken coop”.  The walls were made of mud and the floor was unfinished concrete.  The building did not even have a toilet.  You had to go “outside” the Indian way.  Yet I could not help but feel the presence of Christ in that place.  I felt like it was holy ground.  After asking the pastor about his congregation, he related to me how all of his members are Hindu converts.  Most have some kind of disease they are struggling with (HIV/AIDS; TB, etc.).  Even the lady who served me the lunch afterwards had HIV/AIDS.  Her husband had given to her and then died shortly afterwards.  In her desperation, she came to the Lord and now has a ministry in the city to other HIV/AIDS patients.

My friends, God is moving in the hearts of people in South Asia.  However it is not without suffering or hardship.  Yet this sounds all too familiar after reading about Paul’s life (II Cor.11:22-33) or even the hemorrhaging woman (Mark 5:25ff)!  For 12 years she suffered!  Remember what she said: “If only I may touch His clothes, I shall be made well (v.28).”  Reading this makes me want to cry!   In her desperation, she knew only Jesus could help her.  My friends, I pray for a movement of God in the USA, just like South Asia.  However for it to happen, we must be dependent upon Him.  He cannot move in an independent heart.  Like these pastors, this HIV converted lady and others like them, let us reach out and touch the cloak of our Savior and Lord.  For only He can truly bring revival and help us.