The “Buddhist Thais” Play Christmas Hymns at the Supermarkets

December 28, 2016
Over the holidays, as I shop for groceries, I almost was brought to tears the other day.  The supermarket where I shop was playing “Silent Night” in a loop.  It was a never ending praise to our Messiah Yeshua Lord God.  It seem so ironic!  In the USA we can get sued or disciplined at a High School class for even saying “Merry Christmas” and by making any reference to the incarnation of our eternal God.  Our Creator God decided to dwell among men to ultimately buy them back to Himself. We all know this is the true meaning of Christmas.  In the West, this message is frowned upon amidst a multi-religious milieu.  But NOT IN BUDDHIST THAILAND!!!  While we are pressured by a minority to abandon our Christian traditions so as not to offend people, including the Eastern religions, the Eastern religious in Thailand are giving honor to their Western minority by playing Christian music at Christmas time!!!  It was not even Jingle Bells for crying out loud!!!
It is time we push back against the insane progressive left in the USA and let Christ ring out loud at Christmas!  What a novel idea!
Until next time,