From a Remote Asian Village

January 5, 2017

Currently I am in a remote Asian village.  It is interesting to see the bullock carts carrying a large load of both coconut husks and people.  The bullock walks slowly down the narrow paths, knowing his way by years of practice.  On both sides of the road are vast rice fields.  These fields can produce two crops a year.  I also counted 5 rice mills in just this small village.  So farming rice is this village’s livelihood.  Tonight, as I sleep here in a friend’s simple village home, I will hear the sounds of the call to prayer from their nearby religious temples.  Some temples’ music will last all night if it is a religious festival.  You have to sleep with your ear plugs jammed in your ears and with a pillow encircling your head.  Even then, being a light sleeper, I don’t get much sleep in these villages!  Why just last night, the nearby mosque had several calls to prayer, including one at 5AM!  There truly is no rest for the weary!  However the good news is this: We helped train 25 pastors, many who came significant distances to hear His Truth.  Truly God is good!