December 25, 2014

Recently, while reading the story of Esther, I was reminded of God’s supernatural preservation of the Jewish people.  As you recall, wicked Haman had already devised his plot to destroy all Jews.  The Jewish people went into great wailing and mourning.  Most had lost hope.   For on the thirteenth day of the twelfth month (Adar), all the Jews in the Persian Empire were to be annihilated (Esther 3:13).  Yet one man knew of God’s mighty hand through history.  His name was Mordecai.  By God’s divine providence, Esther, his adopted daughter, was married to the Persian King Ahasuerus.  Mordecai knew, as queen, she was in a unique position.  Who better than the queen could influence this all powerful Persian king?  The bottom line is this: Facing immediate annihilation, God used Esther and Mordecai to deliver the Jews from death.  In fact, on the very day they were to be destroyed, an edict went out from the king to annihilate the Jew’s enemies.   Esther exposed Haman’s wicked plan to the king and instead of the Jews being destroyed, Haman and his ten sons were hanged on the very gallows intended for Mordecai.   Eight hundred men were killed in Susa, the capitol alone (Esther 9:6,15).  At least seventy five thousand were killed throughout the empire (9:16).  Modecai was promoted to the position Haman had, serving second only to the king (10:3).   To remember this day of their deliverance, the Jews celebrate the feast of Purim (9:20-22). They send food portions to one another and to the poor of the land.

Today is of course Christmas Day.  It is also a day of deliverance.  It is deliverance because this Immanuel “will save His people from their sins (Matt. 1:21)”. It is also a day to remember of God’s physical deliverance of the Messiah at birth.  When Herod learned of this new Messianic King’s birth and of His prophesied rule over Israel, Herod, being threatened, sought to kill him.   Yet God delivered Jesus, sending Him to Egypt until Herod died.

In our current generation, we need to be reminded that our God is a God who delivers His people.  He is a God who has delivered us from eternal wrath.  He also will deliver us from the reign of the future anti-christ (I Thess. 5:1-11).  He also has His church in His all powerful hand and will preserve her as a remnant and witness on this wicked planet.  So as you reflect on this Christmas Day, remember Yahweh, your Messiah, the Deliverer and Preserver of His people.  Fret not over the riots and wicked plots of those in your nation or the nations of men.  God has His church in His hand and will preserve her until “that day”.   Today, just rest in Him.  For He is your almighty majestic glorious God.