The Thai Market and Thai People

December 1, 2017

There are many things I like about Thailand, but the best is the people. I like their slower pace of life. In Hong Kong, everything is at a frantic pace. Everybody walks fast in Hong Kong. It is not uncommon to have some pushing and shoving occur during rush hour (to get on the subway). However in Thailand, everything is at a snails pace compared to Hong Kong life. Surely this is better for the heart! Don’t get me wrong, I miss Hong Kong very much. It is truly where I feel “at home”. But having said that, it might be useful for my ‘frantic/hectic’ personality to ‘slow down’ a bit and learn the “Thai way”. This means enjoying the journey along the way, not just relentlessly focused on the destination. I especially like the outdoor market. There are food stalls everywhere with smoked fish on a stick or fried squid slathered with hot chili sauce. As you walk, you have to dodge the bikes, cars and motor scooters meandering down narrow lanes. And yes, there are the market dogs watching you too. Why just yesterday, one jumped out at me with a growl and bark. Thankfully, I did not get bit. The owner was right there, saying, “Mai Pin Rai” (no worries!). In other words, when you walk around here, you cannot have your head in the clouds. If you are not careful, you will earn a trip to the local hospital when a motorbike or car runs over your leg or foot. The smells are terrific and odd for foreigners to breathe in. But it is all a part of the Thai experience. Yet, in the midst of it all are the Buddhist shops selling paraphernalia for worship. Indeed, just outside my bedroom door is a large Buddha shrine in the hallway. I see it every time I exit my bedroom. This is in addition to the golden Buddha dangling on a red string as I enter the front door of this Thai home. It reminds me of the spiritual darkness everywhere. Pray the Lord uses me and opens doors for me to share my faith in Thai with my landlord and their family. Surely I am not here by mistake.