The Evil Spirits Abound in Asia

March 18, 2018

Recently, as I sought to sleep in my village home in Asia, fear gripped me as I heard evil spirits in the house and felt their presence, for just outside my bedroom door is the pagan altar to them.  You can find spirit houses in the outside garden area as well; fruit and incense are burned at different times of the year to appease them.

Quickly, after some prayer and “out loud” Scripture quotations,  I firmly rebuked them in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Reminding them of their historic defeat and final demise through our Messiah (Is. 53, I Cor. 15, Psalm 2), I commanded them to leave the premises, at least while I am staying here!  I then went back to bed (after much commotion) and slept soundly.  They did leave and the place has been quiet, even with the landlord returning!

Evil is “in your face” in Asia.  It does not hide or disguise itself as it does in the West.  It does not have to!  For the world’s false religious cults are all based here and entrenched in the culture.  Satan believes this is his territory.  How dare we enter it and try to dislodge his converts from their devotion?  How dare we train Christian workers to launch new works in villages where no church exists?  How dare we seek to penetrate a new unreached people group?   For they are his slaves to drag to hell with him!

We dare do what we do, along with many other servants of God out here, because Christ has risen victorious and all authority has been given to Him over Heaven and all the Earth (Matt. 28:18-20).  This is why we can go with confidence to teach and train others!

Thanks for your support for this work and for your prayers!