Why is the world the way it is? or Why is everything so messed up?

January 19, 2021

I recently started reading through Genesis. The short answer to this question is found in two simple, yet profound words: The Fall. After reading the beautiful story of God’s creation and the astounding fellowship man and woman enjoyed, in a very lush garden, man threw it all away in raw open rebellion against His creator. After this, man’s culture and environment eventually spiraled out of control, beginning with the first murder (Cain killing Abel) and ending with fallen angels cohabitating with mortals (Gen. 6).  The corruption became so thoroughly abhorrent to God that He had to destroy all that had the “breath of life”, except Noah, his family and a representative collection of all animal life (all sea creatures were spared, since the chosen method of destruction was world wide flood).

So yes, the world around us, in every country (including the USA), to one degree or another, is thoroughly “messed up“! The root cause is man’s sin, deep within his soul. The cure for this fatal and self-destructive disease is Jesus Christ, the Lord and Savior. He alone can redeem man. He alone can offer eternal hope amidst one’s daily despair. Yes, we are living in this evil age under the “evil one“.  This world is the enemy’s territory.  He is the god of this age.  Yet once we trust Christ, we are transferred from the domain of darkness to the kingdom of His beloved Son (Colossians 1:13). So while we live out our lives as a minority amidst this territory of evil, we are destined for a new world to come.  We stay encouraged by fixing our eyes upon it!

We also seek to rescue as many as we can from this current earth, destined for ultimate destruction (II Pet.3). Many people would call Christians, who believe the Bible, as mentally deranged. But one day, when we all stand before our Creator, it is believers who will “stand in the day of judgement” and the wicked who will fall (Psalm 1). It is this “end time” perspective that will prevent you from getting bitter amidst a wicked world, where right is declared wrong and wrong is declared right (Psalm 73).  So in 2021, stay connected to God’s Word, to prayer and in sharing His truth. This is the best cure for living in a crazy mixed up world! At MM, we will continue to press forward, with new goals of reaching out to new areas of darkness, to establish new “bodies of light” for His glory. This is the mandate that no man can prevent us from doing.  While we likely will conduct our work amidst some form of suffering, this has always been the case since the beginning of time. Did not after Abel’s death, Adam and Eve continue to have more children, who would call upon the Lord? We must march forward, even amidst evil.